<html>  <head>    <title>Hash (Check) Files</title>    <style type='text/css'>     #ok{color:green;}     #nono{color:red;}    </style>  </head>  <body>   <?php     if(!empty($_FILES)){     if ($_FILES["file"]["error"] > 0){      switch($_FILES["file"]["error"]){       case 1:       echo "<b id='nono'>Error: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini</b><br>";       break;       case 2:       echo "<b id='nono'>Error: The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form.</b><br>";       break;       case 3:       echo "<b id='nono'>Error: The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.</b><br>";       break;       case 4:       echo "<b id='nono'>Error: No file was uploaded.</b><br>";       break;       case 6:       echo "<b id='nono'>Error: Missing a temporary folder.</b><br>";       break;       case 7:       echo "<b id='nono'>Error: Failed to write file to disk.</b><br>";       break;       case 8:       echo "<b id='nono'>Error: A PHP extension stopped the file upload.</b><br>";       break;       default:       echo "<b id='nono'>Unknown error occured.</b><br>";      }     } else {      echo 'Upload: ' . $_FILES['file']['name'] . '<br>';      echo 'Type: ' . $_FILES['file']['type'] . '<br>';      echo 'Size: ' . (round($_FILES['file']['size'] / 1024, 2)) . ' Kb<br><br>';      if(array_search($_POST['algo'], hash_algos())===false){      echo 'Unknown hashing algorithm requested.<br>';      } else {      echo 'Hashing Algorithm: '. $_POST['algo'] . '<br>';      $hash = hash_file($_POST['algo'], $_FILES['file']['tmp_name']);      echo 'Calculated hash: ' . $hash . '<br>';      if($_POST['exphash']!=='none' && !empty($_POST['exphash'])){        echo 'Expected hash: ' . $_POST['exphash'] . '<br><br>';        echo ($hash==$_POST['exphash'])? '<b id="ok">Hash matched expected value.</b>' : '<b id="nono">Hash did not match expected value.</b>';        echo '<br>';      }      }     }     ?>     <br>     <button onClick="document.location.reload(true)">Again</button>      <?php     } else {    ?>    <form action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">     <input type="hidden" name="exphash" value="none">     <label for="file">Filename:</label>     <input type="file" name="file" id="file">     <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" /><br>     <label>Expected hash(optional): <input type="text" name="exphash" size="100"></label>     <br><br>Choose an algorithm (This is the list of all the available algorithms in your php installation)<br>     <?php     foreach(hash_algos() as $algo){      if($algo=='md5'){      echo "<label><input type='radio' name='algo' value='$algo' checked='checked'>$algo</label><br>";      } else {      echo "<label><input type='radio' name='algo' value='$algo'>$algo</label><br>";      }     }     ?>    </form>   <?php     }    ?>  </body>  </html>